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Competitions, Awards

2021 “Sour Mouse Art League” Won 2nd Place in Art Battle, Sour Mouse, New York, NY


Selected Group Exhibitions, Art Auctions

2022 “Femarchy - Feminacity” group show, Queens, NY

2021 “Untamed - NYC All Female Art Show” group show, New York, NY

2021 “Invasion Toys - Slaps For A Cause” Auction, San Diego, California

2020 “Femarchy - Transanta” Auction, Transanta Community Organization 

2020 “ Femarchy - Deck the Halls” group show, Brooklyn NY

2020 “Femarchy - National Coming Out Day” group show, Brooklyn, NY 

2020 “Week In Manhattan” group show, Queens Art Collective, New York, NY

2020 “Femarchy - All Female Show” group show, Cantina Cumbancha, Brooklyn, NY

2020 “Red Envelope Show” group show, Grumpy Bert, Brooklyn, NY

2019 “Let’s Be Friends” group show, The Living Gallery, New York, NY

2019 “A SACSIX PRODUCTION” group show, Benson’s NYC, New York, NY

2019 Group Show, The Sampler, Brooklyn, NY

2019 “Unfamous - Femmotions” The Sampler, Brook

2019 “Caribbean Pride” Auction, Casa Del Mar, Bronx NY

2018 “Red Envelope Show” group show,  Grumpy Bert, Brooklyn, NY

2018 “Puerto Rico” group show, The Sampler, Brooklyn, NY

2018 “Unfamous - Toy Truck Show” group show, Brooklyn NY

2017 “Blackbook Stories” group show, New York, NY

2017 “Inside Out” group show, Woodside, NY

2017 “Red Envelope Show” group show, Grumpy Bert, Brooklyn NY


Selected Public Artworks, Projects, Festivals

2021 “Vanderbilt Ave Community Mural Project 2” mural, Brooklyn, NY

2020 “More Art Less Violence” mural, Tipsy Dog, Brooklyn NY

2019 “ Don’t Stress…” mural, JMZ Walls, Brooklyn, NY

2018 “Creep Ninja Head” mural, NBT restaurant, Brooklyn, NY

2018 “Kids” mural, PS9, Brooklyn NY

2018 “In Another Dimension…” mural, Brooklyn NY

2018 “Creep City” gate mural, collaboration Lord toothless, UR, Leaf, Zeroproductivity, Brooklyn, NY

2018 “A Flower For You” mural, PS9 Claras Garden Project, Brooklyn, NY

2018 “Somewhere in the Clouds” mural, NY Moore Hostel, Brooklyn NY 

2018 “Unfamous - Spread Love Part 2” mural,  Queens College Festival, Queens, NY  

2018 “PS147”  mural, Library mural,  Brooklyn NY 

2018 “You Are My Universe” Dripproject, The Mes Hall, Bronx, NY

2018 “Be Happy,” mural, Dripproject, The Mes Hall, Bronx, NY

2018 “May We Find…” mural, The Bridgeport Art Tower,  Bridgeport, CT

2017 “Melt Away” collaboration Lord toothless, UR, Luckyrabbit, Brooklyn Music Festival, Brooklyn, NY

2017 “Because of You I Am,” mural, JMZ Walls, Brooklyn, NY

2017 “Be Happy,” mural, Northside Festival, Brooklyn, NY

2017 “Life is Good,” mural, First City Project, Long Island, NY

2016 “Live Painting Event” Manilasocialclub, Brooklyn, NY

2016 “Canartsee” collaboration Leaf, Zeroproductivity, Queens, NY

2016 “Be Happy” mural, Welling Court Mural Project, Queens, NY

2016 “Gallery Bar,” mural, JMZ Walls, Brooklyn, NY

2016  “St. Brigid School Mural,” mural, St. Brigid Elementary School, New York, NY

2015 “Speak to the Stars,” mural, JMZ Walls, Brooklyn, NY

2013 “Influx in Flux” mural, Centrifuge Public Art Project, New York, NY

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